Smart solutions for maximum energy production

We in PHEMA Technologies undertake small, medium and large scale interconnected and autonomous installations of photovoltaics. Each of our projects is studied and designed separately in modern design programs taking into account all the technical and environmental data. The use of purely European materials as well as the careful design and maintenance of the installation, guarantees the smooth operation and performance of the systems in the long run, making your investment completely successful.

Interconnected Systems

Small home installations on roofs or terraces and medium or large-scale photovoltaic parks interconnected to the country grid for the sale of energy produced.

Autonomous Systems

Study, design and implementation of autonomous photovoltaic systems with or without network connection. Control and management of the generated energy using integrated controllers, inverters and Li-ion batteries.

Net Metering

The producer consumes the energy that he produces at the moment he produces it. Reduction in the electricity bill. Home production systems.

Energy Communities

Creation of groups consisting of companies, local authorities and individuals, so that in addition to consumers they also become producers of electricity, which they will either sell to the grid or offset with the electricity they spend.

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